Writing Workshop

Week One

This is an example of an assignment page without all the bells and whistles that I used on the other pages.

On this page I just used simple text, and one background color.

Writing for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


You have been spending a lot of time at home. What have you been doing? What is one specific time you remember? Maybe something you have been doing to keep yourself occupied. It could be playing soccer, or playing video games. What made it special enough to remember?

On Monday write about that one specific thing you are thinking about.

Work on having a beginning, middle and end. Write on every other line so you have room on the page to make changes.


Check over your story. Do you have a beginning, middle and end? Do you need to add to it?

Today, you add character thoughts and feelings. What were you and the other people thinking or feeling during this one specific time you remember.


Check over your writing. Do you have details about character thoughts and feelings? What dialogue could you add? What did people say?

Add some dialogue to your writing.

Writing for Thursday and Friday

On Thursday and Friday continue to work on your story, making sure you have a beginning, middle and end. Make sure you have details about character thoughts and feelings and dialogue.

Now, check for punctuation. Make sure all your sentences have correct punctuation.

Also check for non-negotiable words. These are the words you need to spell correctly. You will be turning in your writing to me… You would state here what ever you are doing to have students turn in their work.

Non-Negotiable list

Add your non-negotiable list here. These are the words that MUST be spelled correctly, no exceptions. Don’t make it every word. Students are working alone. Help them focus.

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