Week One

Reading Workshop Lesson

girl reading in bed

Teachers: On this page I could do a variety of things.

I could record myself teaching a minilesson and post it. (To record you can use Zoom, Quicktime, Flipgrid). You can also mix it up and use an app like Explain Everything with an ipad and draw and write for them to model.

Keep recorded minilessons online very short - pehaps 5-7 minutes. In person minilessons can be up to 15 minutes online because during the lesson you will be talking with students -focusing on engagement - during the minilesson. You can also use the chat box to engage students if your platform has one.

I could then prompt my students to read based on the minilesson I taught, encouraging them to use the reading strategy that I just taught in the minilesson.

Below I have some 'mock up' spots where I could put the minilesson and the independent writing link. They would be writing about their reading, identifying main ideas, for example.


Post video of you giving a minilesson here. Keep it to five minutes.

Below I have posted a lesson for teachers - I would just replace it with a video for students.

Opinion Writing


Post an anchor chart here related to what you taught on the minilesson. Use a 8 1/2 x 11 inch sketch pad and Flair pens.


Post directions for student writing here based on the minilesson.

You can just write out the directions here.

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